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Surge 365 and SVH Digital Reach New Low in Dirty Marketing Tricks

“In Google and other search engines, it’s too easy to find “scam reports” and other negative drivel bashing just about every legitimate direct selling company, as well as the industry on a whole. For many people, this is their first impression of our industry, or a specific company they’re researching. So why don’t we do… Read More »

Party Plan Is Up, But Tupperware Is Down — Why?

If party-plan marketing is making a comeback, then why is Tupperware performing so poorly in the stock market? The brand’s recent earnings and EPS trends are looking pretty grave. However, stock traders are jumping on the Tupperware train while the shares are low, showing that they are confident in a revival of the popular brand and its reputation for success.

Solavei Tries to Block Stream Mobile Launch

“We’re thrilled to celebrate the nationwide launch of Mobile Services by Stream with our enthusiastic and committed Associates at Unleashed in Las Vegas.” – Mark Schiro, Stream President and CEO. And so begins another MLM war. This time the rivals are Solavei, which operates a mobile service provider expanding into social commerce, and Stream, a… Read More »